Kongsberg Digital has a team of experienced LedaFlow Consultants ready to work closely with you at all stages of a project from concept, through FEED and detailed design and into operations.

Kongsberg Digital provides expert services which enable you to maximise the value of LedaFlow® on your project. Typical multiphase flow analysis work provided by Kongsberg Digital includes:

Flow Assurance Studies

  • Steady-state hydraulic and thermal performance analyses
    • Pipeline sizing
    • Insulation requirements
  • Transient hydraulic and thermal performance analyses
    • Liquid management
      • Start-up and ramp-up
      • Slug catcher sizing
      • Slug mitigation
      • Hydrodynamic slugging prediction using LedaFlow Slug Capturing®
    • Hydrate management
      • Hydrate formation risk
      • Hydrate transportation
      • Cool down and no-touch time analysis
      • Chemical injection tracking
    • Wax management
      • Wax formation risk
      • Wax deposition
      • Chemical injection tracking
    • Oil displacement
    • Pigging operations support
    • Flow Induced Pulsation (FLIP) analysis
  • Integrated studies with K-Spice dynamic process simulator

Well Performance Studies

  • Clean-up optimisation
  • Restart analysis
  • Liquid loading prediction
  • Artificial lift operation
  • Slug mitigation

Refer to our bibliography to read about successful applications of LedaFlow.