Kongsberg Digital provides
workshops and  training courses  
to teach you how to use LedaFlow.

LedaFlow Training Courses

Learning objective

Training courses are intended for new users of LedaFlow. A general knowledge and experience of multiphase flow simulations is an advantage. Course participants will, at the end of this training course, have an understanding of the modelling capabilities of LedaFlow and be able to use it for their engineering work.

Learning process

The training will be a combination of theoretical lectures and practical exercises. The training material and exercises cover all important aspects of the flow assurance workflow (PVT definition, model building, case execution, parametric studies and effective post-processing) as well as typical well operations of a well performance study. It is also possible to use a day to work on your own cases. 

Practical information

Training courses are offered:

  • As an on-site course (up to 8 participants per trainer),
  • Online (up to 6 participants),


  • By participating in a scheduled course at Kongsberg’s offices.

LedaFlow Workshops

Learning objectives

LedaFlow workshops are intended for professionals interested in exploring the capabilities of the multiphase flow simulator LedaFlow Engineering 1D. They are designed to provide a unique hands-on experience by working on:

  • a flow assurance case study (Flow Assurance Workshop);
  • a well performance case study (Well Performance workshop).

Kongsberg Digital also provides Integrated Production Assurance (IPA) workshops designed for professionals interested in developing integrated models with LedaFlow and the dynamic process simulator K-Spice.

Learning process

After a short introduction of the LedaFlow engineering simulator, the major part of the workshop will be spent working on a real case study. A general knowledge and experience of multiphase flow simulations is an advantage.

Practical information

Kongsberg Digital delivers LedaFlow workshops online and in its offices in the US and in Norway. These half-a day workshops are free of charge and open for individual registration.

LedaFlow e-learning

Interested in trying LedaFlow, but you can’t attend a workshop? The workshop material is available on Kongsberg Digital’s e-learning platform. Send us a message specifying that you would like to try LedaFlow and the date at which you would like to do it. We will give you access to the e-learning platform and to the software.