All LedaFlow products are commercialized by Kongsberg Digital.
The following products are available:

LedaFlow Engineering 1D

Advanced transient multiphase flow simulator that models the dynamics of multiple fluid phases within well and pipe networks.

Solves mass equations for all nine fields (dispersed and continuous) of the three phase flow (oil, gas and water) while the energy and momentum conservation are solved for each zone (continuous phase with the dispersed phases it contains). This improves the accuracy in simulation of critical transient events and consequently provides a step change in the understanding of fluid behavior.

Can be used by multiple disciplines throughout the project lifecycle to address gas/liquid, thermal, solid and integrity management challenges.

LedaFlow Slug Capturing®

This is a dedicated version of LedaFlow Engineering 1D designed for performing Slug Capturing simulations.

LedaFlow Slug Capturing® offers the newest version of the slug capturing model, which is the result of a large effort by the LedaFlow partners to make the unique Slug Capturing functionality in LedaFlow much faster and more accurate.

Available on a Pay Per Day (PPD) and lease basis for short term studies and longer term access.

LedaFlow Point Model

The LedaFlow Point Model provides estimates of liquid volume fractions, pressure gradient and flow regimes at a single point in a pipeline or a well based on local conditions.

The LedaFlow Point Model is available as a plug-in to third party steady-state software such as:

  • Maximus (KBC)
  • Prosper & GAP (Petroleum Experts)
  • Pipesim (Schlumberger)
  • SynerGee (DNV-GL)
  • WellFlo® & ReO® (Weatherford)
  • VMGSim (VMG)

LedaFlow Integrated

LedaFlow Integrated is the transient engine that can be plugged into dynamic process simulators to create:

  • Integrated Engineering Simulators
  • Operator Training Simulators (OTS)
  • Production Management Systems (PMS)
  • Virtual Flow Metering Systems (VFMS)

LedaFlow Integrated has a published standard API that currently links to Kongsberg’s K-Spice and is open to link to 3rd party software.

Kongsberg offers different commercial models to meet customer requirements. These include: Pay-Per-Day (PPD), lease and perpetual license purchase.

Please contact us for more information.