LedaFlow History

In 2001 the Ledaflow® technology started out as a multiphase research and development project between ConocoPhillips and SINTEF. After initial ideas for models and experiments where planned, Total was invited to join the LedaFlow project in 2002. A technology advisory group involving flow assurance expertise from ConocoPhillips and Total has been engaged from the beginning. The engagement of technical expertise from two major oil companies strengthened the research and development teams in SINTEF and later also KONGSBERG. End user input is important to make a practical tool.  A set of full scale experiments where deployed in the Tiller flow loop.

Tiller flow loop

The initial flow experiments covered a rig of 8″ and 12″ pipes. SINTEF merged all their flow data into a database. Based on this, in 2004 the LedaFlow technology concept was proved.  A LedaFlow Engineering concept was established in 2008 and KONGSBERG was selected as the commercialization partner. 

A LedaFlow Technology Forum was established in 2009 followed by the LIFT (LedaFlow Improvements to Flow Technology) joint industry project established in 2010. In 2010 the Phase II of research and development was completed and the commercialization project of the LedaFlow core models were started. The establishment of LIFT together with major oil companies was important to support the LedaFlow models with additional real field data to validate the software.   The idea has always been to make LedaFlow suited for practical problem solving relevant to the Upstream E&P industry, with a specific attention to the user-interface.

In June 2011, the first commercial version of LedaFlow (1.0) was released. Since then, LedaFlow has continued to improve, benefiting from fast-paced R&D and the implementation of new important features and updates. New versions are regularly released to make those improvements available to LedaFlow users.

Today LedaFlow holds a set of unique technology for doing all types of flow assurance studies including slug-capturing prediction and it has more refined mathematical physical representations allowing improved understanding of the multi phase flows. You may find interesting papers of successful applications in our bibliography.


LedaFlow Technologies DA (LTDA) is a company established in 2013 by the four LedaFlow partners; ConocoPhillips, Total, SINTEF and Kongsberg Digital. Our mission is to utilize the expertise of the four partners to ensure a continuous development of the LedaFlow products and bring to the industry the best available tool for multiphase flow simulation.

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