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Kongsberg – May, 2024

Earth captures

“The simulator models LedaFlow and K-Spice are receiving great interest from international companies. CO2 emissions are an urgent global problem that many actors, both governments and private companies, are trying to solve.”

SINTEF –  February 8th, 2024

A technology to help us achieve large-scale carbon storage

“SINTEF researchers are applying methodologies used to transport oil and gas in their efforts to upscale a technology for carbon capture and storage. This is good news for the climate.”

SINTEF –  February 1st, 2023

SINTEF to use its world-class CO2 flow facility and multiphase modelling expertise to develop a unique simulator for CO2 transport and injection

“SINTEF will use its expertise on multiphase modelling and world-class CO2 flow facility, DeFACTO, to develop simulator technology for transporting and injecting CO2.”

Offshore – Januar 31st, 2023

LedaFlow consortium investigating CO2 transport and injection

“LedaFlow Technologies has formed a research consortium to further develop its multiphase transport simulator technology for transport and injection of CO2”

Offshore – March 11th, 2022

CLIMIT-Demo provides funds for CO2 storage simulation project

“Kongsberg Digital and Computer Modelling Group have received funding to progress simulation software development for CO2 injection into depleted oil and gas reservoirs.”

Multiflow – A Joint Industry Project

Norwegian SciTech News – September, 2020

Simulation model may reduce the climate footprint of oil production

“The new computational models from SINTEF and LedaFlow Technologies are created as a module, called Slug Capturing 2, incorporated into the LedaFlow package. The work has been carried out with funding from the Research Council of Norway and the two afore mentioned oil companies as part of an innovation project called ‘Accurate’.”

Teknisk Ukeblad – August 21st, 2020

Oljeutvinning med lavere klima-avtrykk

“Det ferske slugging-regneverktøyet fra SINTEF og LedaFlow Technologies, Slug Capturing 2, er utviklet som en modul til LedaFlow-pakken. Arbeidet er gjort med støtte fra Forskningsrådet og de to nevnte oljeselskapene, i innovasjonsprosjektet «Accurate».”

Offshore Technology – September 4th, 2019

Lingshui 17-2 Gas Field

“Kongsberg Digital was subcontracted by Aker Solutions to deliver a production management system that will provide real-time flow assurance at the Lingshui 17-2 gas field. The contract covers the wells, flowlines, and reception facilities of the field and will be designed using the company’s K-Spice and LedaFlow simulation technologies.”

Oilfield Technology – March 13th, 2018

BP chooses Kongsberg to build dynamic simulator for Mad Dog Phase 2

“BP has awarded Kongsberg Digital a milestone contract to design, engineer, build, install, and perform acceptance testing of a sophisticated digital twin. In this case, it is a custom-built multi-purpose dynamic simulator (MPDS) for the Mad Dog Phase 2 project in the Gulf of Mexico. (…) The high-fidelity simulator will be built with Kongsberg’s established and proven dynamic process modelling software, K-Spice, and transient multiphase flow software, LedaFlow.”

Offshore – November 9th, 2016

MEG maintains hydrates-free production at Laggan-Tormore

“For the pipeline management system, however, the company developed a multiphase model to optimize its pigging requirements using LedaFlow, the first time the software has been integrated into a PMS anywhere, Hainsworth claimed.”