LedaFlow Integrated

LedaFlow Integrated is the transient plug-in in the LedaFlow suite of products.

LedaFlow Integrated has a published standard API that currently links to Kongsberg’s dynamic process simulator K-Spice and CMG’s reservoir simulator GEM. It also makes it possible to leverage cloud-native simulation technology through Kongsberg’s digital twin technology, Kognitwin.

It is open to link to other 3rd party software.


LedaFlow integrated provides an API, which allows remote-control of a dynamic LedaFlow simulation.

The API provides functionalities like:

  • Start/Stop Execution
  • Load/Save a case from/to qz
  • Query data from loggers
  • Exchange boundary conditions


LedaFlow integrated allows simulation of entire assets, from reservoir to export and vice versa.

When integrated into another simulator framework, LedaFlow can run in near real-time with live plant data. In the same way, LedaFlow integrated can become part of transient engineering studies that are run in multiple times real-time speed.

This enables holistic production and energy optimization, advanced operational insights in real-time, and predictive simulations for pipeline and well management.


LedaFlow Integrated can be plugged into dynamic process simulators to create:

  • Integrated Engineering Simulators
  • Operator Training Simulators (OTS)
  • Production Management Systems (PMS)
  • Virtual Flow Metering Systems (VFMS)
When linked to reservoir simulator, LedaFlow integrated can be used to model the CO2 transport, injection and storage.