LedaFlow Point Model

LedaFlow Point Model is the steady-state plug-in in the LedaFlow suite of products.

The LedaFlow Point Model provides estimates of liquid volume fractions, pressure gradient and flow regimes at a single point in a pipeline or a well based on a description of the local geometry, local fluid properties and superficial velocities.

The LedaFlow Point Model is delivered as a stand-alone dynamically linked library (DLL) that has a well-documented interface (API).

The LedaFlow point model API is 100% thread-safe and can be used in a multithreaded environment. The API supports C++, C, and Fortran. It can also be accessed from Microsoft Office Excel macros via VBA. Both 32- and 64-bit libraries are available.


Third-party applications use this API to:

  • Calculate 2-phase and 3-phase output.
  • Obtain various information, such as version strings, detailed error information messages, license status etc.
  • Get and set configuration parameters.
The LedaFlow Point Model is available as a plug-in to third party steady-state software such as: