About LedaFlow Technologies DA

LedaFlow Technologies DA is a company established in 2013 by the four LedaFlow partners, ConocoPhillips, TotalEnergies, SINTEF and Kongsberg Digital. Our mission is to utilize the expertise of the four partners to ensure a continuous development of the LedaFlow products and bring to the industry the best available tool for multiphase flow simulation. 


The board brings out the best from the partner organizations to form a team covering all from research and product development, product testing on actual field cases and professional software commercialization.

Managing Director: Jan G Norstrøm, LedaFlow Technologies DA

Chairman of the Board: Eirik Ohr, Vice President Operation, Kongsberg Digital

Deputy Chairman: Øystein Hiim, Commercial Advisor, ConocoPhillips

Board Members:

  • Thierry Palermo, Flow Assurance Project Manager Deep Offshore, TotalEnergies
  • Ole Klingsheim, Research Manager, ConocoPhillips
  • Jeremy Cutler, Exploration & Production, Research & Development, Department Manager, TotalEnergies
  • Jon Harald Kaspersen, Research Director, SINTEF Technology and Society
  • Shane McArdle, Senior Vice President Digital Energy, Kongsberg Digital
  • Eli Aamot, Group Managing Director, SINTEF Industry

Technical Advisory Group (TAG)

TAG is responsible to review and recommend technical solutions to continuously improve LedaFlow technology.

TAG Members:

  • Vanessa Richon and Gaëlle Laffray, TotaEnergies

  • Tom Danielson, ConocoPhillips

  • Jørn Kjølaas and Alexandre Morin, SINTEF

  • Neeraj Zambare and Wouter Dijkhuizen, Kongsberg Digital