LedaFlow 2.10 is now available!

We are happy to announce the latest commercial release (2.10) of LedaFlow Engineering.

What is new?

  1. A new model for phase change, which is based on the conservation of enthalpy in each zone (continuous gas + liquid droplets, or continuous liquid with gas bubbes) has been implemented for single component systems. It enables faster phase change and better numerical stability which is critical for CO2 simulations.
  2. A new API, based on the gRPC framework, can be used to connect LedaFlow to CMG’s reservoir simulator GEM, making it possible to simulate the transport, injection and long-term storage of CO2 in reservoirs.
  3. The calculation speed for slug capturing cases using the new solver has been improved. Particularly, thanks to improvements in the parallelization, it is now possible to use 8 or more CPU cores (previous recommendations were limited to 4).
  4. PVTsim Nova from Calsep is now supported for use in composition tracking.
  5. The User-Defined Functions can now be used to integrate solid (e.g. wax, asphaltenes, etc.) deposition models.
  6. Several improvements have been made for pigging simulations, e.g. a new input, the wax removal efficiency, is now available to specify the mass fraction of wax scraped off the pipe wall; new outputs have also been introduced, the accumulated mass of wax removed by the pig and the flow rates through the bypass.

Where can LedaFlow 2.10 be downloaded?

LedaFlow users with a valid Maintenance & Support agreement will soon receive a separate email with a link to download LedaFlow Engineering v2.10.269.038.

Interested in more information?

A webinar is organized next week to present you the latest improvements in LedaFlow and answer your questions. You can register here.

Please contact us if you want to receive the full release notes or want to try LedaFlow. Technical queries and license requests can be sent to the ledaflow@kdisupport24.com.

We hope you start using LedaFlow Engineering 2.10 soon and are eager to hear your feedback!