LedaFlow 2.5 is now available!

We are happy to announce the latest commercial release (2.5) of LedaFlow Engineering.

LedaFlow Engineering v2.5 continues to benefit from a continued fast pace of development from R&D to commercialization, delivering important features and updates.

Quick highlights of what is new in LedaFlow Engineering v2.5:

  1. Improved pressure drop for stratified flow (near-horizontal sections) at high gas Froude numbers (high gas flow rates and/or high gas densities).
  2. Effective viscosity around the inversion point has been made continuous
  3. Support for running at near-vacuum conditions (for e.g. slack flow)
  4. Temperature dependent non-Newtonian fluid
  5. Excel add-in for data extraction
  6. Merge/Split models and pipes
  7. Comment fields in various places to add notes/hyperlinks to track references for model configuration data or assumptions
  8. New 3D animation recording formats with dramatically reduced file size

A webinar will soon be organized to present and demonstrate the new features and improvements implemented in LedaFlow 2.5. We will send an invitation to all our customers. If you are interested in attending our webinar or if you would like to receive more information on LedaFlow, please send us your contact details.