LedaFlow 2.6 is now available!

We are happy to announce the latest commercial release (2.6) of LedaFlow Engineering.

LedaFlow Engineering v2.6 continues to benefit from a continued fast pace of development from R&D to commercialization, delivering important features and updates.

Quick highlights of what is new in LedaFlow Engineering v2.6:

  1. Oil-water interface friction improvements based on high quality experiments
  2. Support running at near-vacuum conditions for custom fluids.
  3. New Sand Transport model
  4. Pure CO2 transport simulation improvements
  5. New MariaDB version allowing for automatic database backups
  6. Improvements in composition tracking simulations
  7. New corrosion models

We hope you start using LedaFlow Engineering v2.6 soon. We are eager to hear your feedback and improve LedaFlow further!