LedaFlow 2.8 is now available!

The latest version (2.8) of LedaFlow Engineering has been released, bringing the latest in CO2 multiphase flow to the market.

We are happy to announce the latest commercial release (2.8) of LedaFlow Engineering.

LedaFlow Engineering v2.8 brings the latest in CO2 multiphase flow to market!

Quick highlights of what is new in LedaFlow Engineering v2.8:

  1. The steady-state initialization (SSPP) for single component CO2 simulations now supports phase change. Boiling and condensation is now possible at the same time, which is a consequence of having multiple temperatures for the gas and liquid.
  2. The leak device now has a new mode, which can be used to model an autonomous inflow control device (AICD).
  3. A transport equation for the bubble nose shape (Slug Capturing) has been implemented, which considers the fact that it takes time for the bubble nose shape to reach equilibrium when it transitions from a horizontal to a vertical pipe. This improves the predictions in vertical pipes.
  4. New EOS’ supported: GERG-2008, PR, PR78, RKS, RKSAPI.
  5. Restart-files that have a different mesh than the current case can now be read.
  6. It is now possible to use tables to define the ambient temperature and air/water velocities as a function of elevation for the whole case.
  7. Numerous improvements in Excel add-in used for simulation data output management.

We hope you start using LedaFlow Engineering v2.8 soon. We are eager to hear your feedback!

Please send technical queries/license requests to the helpdesk at ledaflow@kdisupport24.com.