Year Conference Paper
2021 GHGT “Improved Understanding of Flow Assurance for CO2 Transport and Injection”
Z. Yang, A. Fahmi and M. Drescher (Equinor), L. Teberikler and C. Merat (Toral E&P Norge), S. Solvang and O. J. Rinde (GASSCO), J. G. Norstrøm and W. Dijkhuizen (LTDA), T. Haugset and A. Brigadeau (Schlumberger), M. Langsholt and L. Liu (IFE)
2020 International Journal of Multiphase Flow “Onset of water accumulation in oil/water pipe flow – experiments and modelling with LedaFlow”
J. Kjølaas and M. Wolden (SINTEF)
2020 MDPI Energies “Comparative Study of CFD and LedaFlow Models for Riser-Induced Slug Flow”
R. T. Jørgensen, G. R. Tonnesen, M. Mandø and S. Pedersen and Simon Pedersen (Aalborg University)
2020 OTC “Validation of a Transient Multiphase Flow Simulator for Offshore Transient Operations in a Gas-Condensate Pipeline”
N. Jauseau (Kongsberg Digital); E. Zakarian and J. E. Morgan (Woodside Energy); N. Zambare (Kongsberg Digital)
2020 SPE “Use Dynamic Simulation to Diagnose the Startup Failure of a Long Horizontal Well in the North Sea”
B. Hu (Kongsberg Digital); A. S. Olsen and N. Hewitt (Neptune Energy); M. J. Branchflower (Kongsberg Digital)
2019 BHRG “Modelling of the wall film in high-rate low liquid loading flows”
J. Kjølaas (SINTEF), H. Holm (Equinor)
2019 IPTC “Tight Coupling of a Reservoir Simulator with a Transient Flow Well Model: A Field Case Application to Optimise Cyclic Production in Liquid Loading Regime for a Tight Gas Field”
O. Rasoanaivo and J. Danquigny (Total), P. Henry and D. Hopkinson (Petroleum Experts), A. Liu, J. Marty and R. Marmier (Total)
2019 Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering “Experiences in numerical simulation of wax deposition in oil and multiphase pipelines: Theory versus reality”
M. Leporini (Polytechnic University of Milan), A. Terenzi (Saipem), B. Marchetti (eCampus University), G. Giacchetta and F. Corvaro (Marche Polytechnic University)
2019 OTC “Optimization of Well Start-Up Using Integrated Well and Electrical Submersible Pump Modeling”
K. Mukati (Kongsberg), O. Wilson (Chevron), M. Morales, (Kongsberg), B. Arias and C.Terry (Chevron)
2018 ADIPEC “Wax deposition and hydrate transport dynamic simulations on an oil pipeline – Experiences applying novel models for flow assurance assessment”
P. Puente and V. Martinez (Kongsberg), V. Richon (Total), J. Morud (SINTEF), N. Zambare (Kongsberg)
2018 BHRG “High CO2 content effect on the flow of crude oils in production transient operations”
M.J. Rempto, M.A. Pasqualette, E.M.G. Fontalvo, J.N.E. Carneiro (ISDB FlowTech), R. Fonseca, J.R.P. Ciambelli (Petrobras), S.T. Johansen, B.T. Løvfall (SINTEF)
2018 BHRG “Pseudo slug flow in viscous oil systems – experiments and modelling with LedaFlow”
J. Kjølaas, I. E. Smith, C. Brekken (SINTEF)
2017 BHRG “Improvement of LedaFlow for Churn Flow in Vertical Pipes”
J. Kjølaas and A. Morin (SINTEF)
2017 BHRG “Validation of a multiphase flow simulator using three-phase gas condensate field data”
N. Jauseau and N. Zambare (Kongsberg), E. Zakarian and J. Morgan (Woodside)
2017 BHRG “Prolonged gas-condensate pipeline operation below minimum turndown rate”
E. Zakarian and J. Morgan (Woodside)
2017 BHRG “Pressure Drop Measurements in Low Liquid Loading Three-Phase Flows”
J. Kjølaas, T. E. Unander, M. Wolden, A. Shmueli, H. Holm
2017 OTC “Managing liquid accumulation in large diameter gas-condensate pipelines”
E. Zakarian, J. E. P. Morgan (Woodside)
2017 SPE “Laggan-Tormore Pipeline Management System”
R. Ferguson, O. Bradshaw, B. McMaster, A. Musi, S. Hare (Total E&P UK)
2016 BHRG “Improvement of LedaFlow for low liquid loading conditions”
J. Kjølaas (SINTEF), H. Holm (Statoil)
2016 BHRG “Liquid loading and multiple solutions in vertical flows – experiments and modelling with LedaFlow”
J. Kjølaas, A. Shmueli and A. Morin (SINTEF)
2016 IPTC “Integrated Asset Modelling – Coupling to a Dynamic Well and Network Flow Simulator for Improved Flow Assurance in Field Development Planning and Production Forecasting”
R. Marmier and H. Foucault (Total E&P), M. Banchflower (Kongsberg)
2015 BHRG “Experiments for low liquid loading with liquid holdup discontinuities in two- and three-phase flows”
J. Kjølaas, T. E. Unander and M. Wolden (SINTEF), P. S. Johansson and H. Holm (Statoil)
2015 BHRG “Subsea Multiphase Boosting Station System & Controls Optimization”
G. Becquin, R. Castane Selga, S. Abrol, A. Busboom, D. Doder, A. Jain and T. Glomsaker (GE), M. Hyllseth and C. Ruigrok (Kongsberg)
2015 BHRG “Comparisons between engineering software predictions and West of Africa deepwater field data including thermal performances”
C. Candelier and F. Papot (Total E&P)
2015 OTC “Numerical Simulations of High CO2 Content Flows in Production Wells, Flowlines and Risers” – OTC-26231-MS
J. N. E. Carneiro, M.A. Pasqualette, J. F. R. Reyes, E. Krogh and S. T. Johansen (SINTEF), J. R. P. Ciambelli, H. T. Rodrigues and R. Fonseca Jr. (CENPES/Petrobras)
2015 Rio Pipeline Conference & Exposition 2015 “Santos Operational Simulation System: Integrated dynamic compositional simulation of multiphase pipeline network and treatment facilities to assist in planning, operation and production management”
T. Zampieri D’Andrea, E. Rotava, C. Garcia Serpejante, E. E. Ramos Russo and A. F. Teixeira (Petrobras), H. Khatib (IMC Saste), A. Miguel da S. Inacio, M. Di Iorio Monte Bastos, A. de Moura Gomes and K. Mukati (Kongsberg)
2014 BHRG “Bypass pig modeling – a three phase gas condensate pipeline field case”
Y Olaniyan, D Larrey (Total)
2014 BHRG “Terrain slugging in a high-pressure pipeline-riser system – large scale experiments and predictions with LedaFlow”
J. Kjølaas and S-T. Johansen (SINTEF)
2014 BHRG “Experiments on Gas Flow With Wet Pipe Walls”
A. Shmueli, M. Khatibi , T. Arnulf and O.J. Nydal (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), B. Djoric (Total E&P)
2014 OTC Asia “Model Based Multiphase Metering and Production Allocation” – OTC-25457-MS
P. Patel and H. Odden (Kongsberg), B. Djoric, R. D. Garner and H. K. Vea (Total E&P)
2013 BHRG “Simulation of hydrodynamic slug flow using the LedaFlow slug capturing model”
J. Kjølaas, A. D. LeeBeeck and S-T. Johansen (SINTEF)
2013 ICMF “Two phase flow prediction of fluid displacement operations” – ICMF-2013-466
S. Mo and S-T. Johansen (SINTEF), A. Ashrafian (Weatherford Petroleum Consultants)
2013 ICMF “Simulation of flow regime transitions in vertical pipe flow” – ICMF-2013-395
S. Mo and S-T. Johansen (SINTEF), A. Ashrafian (Weatherford Petroleum Consultants)
2012 OTC Houston “Simulation of Slug Flow in Oil and Gas Pipelines Using a New Transient Simulator” – OTC-23353
T. J. Danielson and K. M. Bansal (ConocoPhillips), B. Djoric and D. Larrey (Total E&P), S-T. Johansen, A. De Leebeeck and J. Kjølaas (SINTEF)
2011 BHRG Cannes “Comparison of Commercial Multiphase Flow Simulators with Experimental and Field Databases”
R. Belt, E. Duret, D. Larrey, B. Djoric, S. Kalali, (Total E&P)
2011 BHRG Cannes “Modeling of the Droplet Field in Near-Horizontal Low Liquid Loading Flows”
J. Kjølaas and S-T. Johansen (SINTEF), Y. Ladam and R. Belt (Total E&P), T. J. Danielson (ConocoPhillips), M. Stinessen (Kongsberg)
2011 OTC Houston “Testing and Qualification of a New Multiphase Flow Simulator”
T. J. Danielson, K. M. Bansal (ConocoPhillips), B. Djoric, E. Duret (Total E&P), S-T. Johansen and Ø. Hellan (SINTEF)
2009 International Journal of Multiphase Flow “Flow regime independent, high resolution, multi-field modelling of near-horizontal gas-liquid flows in pipelines”
M. Bonizzi, P. Andreussi, S. Banerjee
2008 BHRG “Multi-dimensional simulations of slug and slug-like flows in inclined pipes and channels”
H. Laux, E. A. Meese, S. M. and S-T. Johansen (SINTEF), K. M. Bansal and T. J. Danielson (ConocoPhillips), A. Goldszal and J-I. Monsen (Total E&P)
2008 OTC Houston “Multidimensional Simulations of Multiphase Flow for Improved Design and Management of Production and Processing Operation”
H. Laux, E. Meese, S. M., T. E. Unander and S-T. Johansen (SINTEF), K. M. Bansal and T. J. Danielson (ConocoPhillips), A. Goldszal, and J-I. Monsen (Total E&P)
2007 BHRG “LedaFlow 1D: Simulation results with multiphase gas/condensate and oil/gas field data”
A. Goldszal and J-I. Monsen (Total E&P), T. J. Danielson and K. M. Bansal (ConocoPhillips), Z. L. Yang, S-T. Johansen and G. Depay (SINTEF)
2007 ICMF “Simulation of multiphase flows composed of large scale interfaces and dispersed fields”
H. Laux, E. A. Meese, S-T. Johansen and Y. Ladam (SINTEF), K. M. Bansal and T. J. Danielson (ConocoPhillips), A. Goldszal and J-I. Monsen (Total E&P)
2005 BHRG “Leda: the next multiphase flow performance simulator”
T.J. Danielson and K. M. Bansal (ConocoPhillips), R. Hansen and E. Leporcher (Total)
2003 International Journal of Multiphase Flow “Simulation of slug flow in horizontal and nearly horizontal pipes with the two-fluid model”
R.I. Issa and M.H.W. Kempf