LedaFlow 2.9 is now available!

LedaFlow Engineering 2.9 released

We are happy to announce the latest commercial release (2.9) of LedaFlow Engineering.

What is new?

LedaFlow Engineering 2.9 includes several great improvements. Here are some highlights:

  1. It is now possible to simulate pipe networks running the Slug Capturing model with the new solver.
  2. The LedaFlow point model and its Excel user interface, which can for instance be used to create flow regime maps, are now included in the installation package.
  3. Several improvements have been made to increase the calculation speed.
  4. A new option to correct the wax former fraction for condensation along the pipe has been implemented specifically for waxy condensates.
  5. Several improvements have been made for oil-water dispersions; it is now possible to tune the amount of free water in vertical flow, to configure the Pal & Rhodes 1 emulsion model in order to have a discontinuous transition at the inversion point and the entrainment timescale in the dispersion model framework has been improved.

LedaFlow Engineering 2.9 also brings changes in the way PVT tables are treated when they show issues related to the enthalpy and allows a broader use of standard volume inputs.

Where can LedaFlow 2.9 be downloaded?

LedaFlow users with a valid Maintenance & Support agreement will soon receive an email with a link to download LedaFlow Engineering v2.9.267.029.

Interested in more information?

Please contact us if you want to receive the full release notes or want to try LedaFlow. Technical queries and license requests can be sent to the helpdesk.

We hope you start using LedaFlow Engineering 2.9 soon and are eager to hear your feedback!