LedaFlow Technologies forms a carbon capture and storage research consortium 

LedaFlow Technologies has formed a research consortium with energy companies ConocoPhillips, TotalEnergies, Equinor, and ExxonMobil Technology & Engineering, as well as sub-suppliers Kongsberg Digital, SINTEF Industry, and SINTEF Energy Research, to enhance its multiphase transport simulator technology for transport and injection of CO2.

“The CO2Flow consortium ensures that LedaFlow Technologies is on its way to deliver on its vision to develop commercial Carbon Capture and Storage technology”, says Jan Gerhard Norstrøm, Managing Director at LedaFlow Technologies DA. 

More about the project @KongsbergDigital  and LinkedIn

The project was awarded by the Research Council of Norway in 2022 and is an innovation project being part of the CLIMIT Programme – Norway’s national program for research, development, and demonstration of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology.

For more information, contact:
Jan Gerhard Norstrøm


+ 47 920 600 74


Why is LedaFlow a good match for simulation of CO2? LedaFlow is built using a multifield approach. It solves the mass equations for all fields, while the energy and momentum conservation equations are solved for each zone, summed over all fields in the zone (continuous phase with the dispersed phases it contains). This enables phase change from all fields with the possibility of having both condensation and evaporation simultaneously, enabling accurate simulation of critical transient events like the rapid phase changes observed in CO2 flow.